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Interface Task

A todoist task interface



[index: string]: undefined | string | number | number[] | boolean | Label[] | Project | object

A todoist task interface



Optional comment_count

comment_count: undefined | number

Optional completed

completed: undefined | false | true


content: string

Task content.

Optional due

due: undefined | object

Optional due_date

due_date: undefined | string

Specific date in YYYY-MM-DD format relative to user’s timezone.

Optional due_datetime

due_datetime: undefined | string

Specific date and time in RFC3339 format in UTC.

Optional due_lang

due_lang: undefined | string

2-letter code specifying language in case due_string is not written in English.

Optional due_string

due_string: undefined | string

Human defined task due date (ex.: “next Monday”, “Tomorrow”). Value is set using local (not UTC) time.

Optional id

id: undefined | number

Optional indent

indent: undefined | number

Optional label_ids

label_ids: number[]

Ids of labels associated with the task.

Optional labels

labels: LabelInstance[]

Optional order

order: undefined | number

Non-zero integer value used by clients to sort tasks inside project.

Optional priority

priority: undefined | number

Task priority from 1 (normal) to 4 (urgent).

Optional project

Optional project_id

project_id: undefined | number

Task project id. If not set, task is put to user’s Inbox.

Optional url

url: undefined | string

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