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Interface NotificationInstance

An instance of an NotificationFactory




Optional actions

actions: string | string[]

Action label or list of labels in case of dropdown

Optional closeLabel

closeLabel: undefined | string

Label for cancel button

Optional contentImage

contentImage: undefined | string

Absolute Path to Attached Image (Content Image)

Optional dropdownLabel

dropdownLabel: undefined | string

Label to be used if multiple actions

Optional error

An error object.

Optional hideSuccessLogs

hideSuccessLogs: undefined | false | true

Hide success messages from logs

Optional icon

icon: undefined | string

Absolute Path to Triggering Icon


message: string

The notification message

Optional open

open: undefined | string

URL to open on Click

Optional reply

reply: undefined | false | true

If notification should take input. Value passed as third argument in callback and event emitter.

Optional sound

sound: undefined | false | true

Case Sensitive string for location of sound file; or use one of macOS' native sounds (see below)

Optional subtitle

subtitle: undefined | string

The notification subtitle

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

Takes precedence over wait if both are defined.

Optional title

title: undefined | string

The notification title

Optional wait

wait: undefined | false | true

Wait for User Action against Notification or times out. Same as timeout = 5 seconds


write: function

Type declaration

    • (onClick?: any, onTimeout?: any): void
    • Parameters

      • Optional onClick: any
      • Optional onTimeout: any

      Returns void

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